Best AI Social Media Tools Right Now

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AI Social Media Tools

With the rise of AI through GPT-3 and Open AI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, it was only a matter of time before software companies from varying backgrounds sought to integrate AI into their product. One such set of tools that have embraced AI are social media schedulers.

If you own your own website or work as a social media manager for an agency or business, chances are you’ll use a social media tool to schedule a series of social posts to publish at varying days and times throughout the month. With the advent of AI, this task has become easier for those who need an extra helping hand at creating content for their social posts.

Let’s take a look at a few of the AI-powered social media tools that are hot right now…

Publer AI Assist

Publer’s AI Assist embedded within their social posting tool


Publer launched their AI social media content integration in February 2023 to much praise by customers. The AI integration can help finish writing your social post for you if you get stuck midway through, or it can write the entire post completely for you based on your instructions.

Not only that, you can also use Publer’s AI tool to generate an image to accompany your social post, so the entire post can be written by AI if you so wish.

If you’re someone who wants to post consistently on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, but you’re running out of things to say, then this AI social media assistant could be just what you’re looking for. Some people may even use AI to post replies to comments they’ve received on social platforms – it’s not just about creating posts.


ContentStudio has added a nifty AI captions assistant to their social posting tool which has a wealth of options to choose from. You can ask it to summarise your existing caption, expand upon your written social post, highlight the pros and cons, rewrite your existing status update, or even create inspirational quotes.

If you’re looking for something different not available in the dropdown, you can write your own prompts to instruct the AI to craft a fresh post tailored to your requirements. But that’s not all. ContentStudio also allows you to choose ‘tone of voice’ for the AI-generated content, from fun or informal, to something more formal or persuasive. If you want, you can even choose the tone to be pessimistic, though I’m not sure how well that would go down!

Like Publer, ContentStudio also has an AI image generator, so if you don’t have an image already to use with your post, you can easily create one using artificial intelligence!

Take a look at what ContentStudio’s AI social media tool offers in the video below.


Buffer is another social media scheduler that understands the stress and demands you may be under to create a bunch of social posts quickly for the month ahead.

Their AI assistant works entirely from prompts, so the clearer the instructions you provide, the more suitable the output will be. Perhaps you want a list of top tips, or maybe to translate your existing post into another language. You’re in control and the only limit is your imagination!

What’s interesting is that Buffer’s AI Assistant is also integrated into the other tools of their software, such as the analytics, scheduling and content library.

AI Integration Within Social Media Management Tools

With everyone jumping on the AI bandwagon (or at least it feels like it), there are tons of AI content writing tools out there, but the beauty of the selection of SaaS I’ve listed above is that they are social media posting tools at their core. These softwares are used to create, manage and schedule your social posts across a variety of different platforms, all from one place. With the AI integration, you can now utilise artificial intelligence to assist your social post creation right inside the software you’re using to schedule those Tweets, Facebook updates, and Instagram posts, without having to ever leave the tool. Now that’s what I call handy!

Whether you’re looking for fresh inspiration for an upcoming post, or you’re short on time and looking to speed up the process, the AI-functionality may just be what you’re after.

Are you using an AI social media tool? How is it helping your social post creation process?

Steph Andrusjak

Steph Andrusjak

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  1. Anthony Graydon

    Hello Steph, I really enjoy your content. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for AI social tools to assist me with my social media. I am interested in trying out Publer as it is new to me. Currently, I am using Grammarly Go which is available with Grammarly Premium. I have noticed an improvement in my social interactions simply by asking the AI to suggest the best hashtags for a specific topic.

    Thanks again.


    • SEO Steph

      Hi Anthony. Thanks for the kind words!
      I’ve not used Grammarly Go, but it’s great that it’s helping you with the hashtags on social media. That can always be a tricky thing to work out, which ones are the most popular.
      I’ll take a look at it. It’s always good to check out the various software available. 🙂


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