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Steph Andrusjak

Are you looking for an SEO Specialist with a difference? One who can think outside the box, be creative yet still deliver the results?

My name’s Steph Andrusjak and I’m a freelance SEO consultant from Leigh, Lancashire (or Greater Manchester, depending on who you ask). When I’m not wrestling and throwing blokes around a dojo or composing my own 80’s and Eurodance synth future masterpieces, I can be found sat behind a computer, transforming the website rankings of businesses across the UK.

I’ve been involved with SEO from 2006 and having worked at an digital agency for over four years, as an SEO consultant and Head of SEO, I have a well-rounded understanding of search engine optimisation in all its capacities. With my experience of optimising websites for a myriad of industries, from fashion to healthcare, trades to legal, I can help to grow the organic online presence of your website.

Fuelled by a nice, hot brew of OXO gravy and the quintessential sounds of 80’s synth pop, I can provide a comprehensive SEO service that embraces all aspects of keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO to ensure your project is given the care and results it deserves.

As a freelance SEO consultant in the UK, I’m open to working directly with business owners as well as digital marketing agencies looking to outsource their SEO.

Sound good?

Steph Andrusjak - Freelance SEO Consultant

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Freelance SEO Specialist

Having previously worked in the fast pace world of a digital marketing agency for almost five years providing SEO in Wigan, I have the knowledge and experience of providing on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO in the UK for clients of varying sizes.

I’ve provided search engine optimisation for sole traders and small companies looking to offer their services locally, as well as larger businesses who provide a service to customers throughout the country. I’ve also delivered e-commerce SEO for brands selling their products nationwide and globally.

Even though I’m an SEO specialist, it’s important for me to understand your business so that your website can be optimised not just for the search engines, but for the end user as well. Whenever I work on a website, I immerse myself in the company’s industry to understand the ins and outs to better serve and recognise the audience’s needs. An important aspect of SEO is knowing who your target audience is and how your company solves the problems that they have – something I always take into account.

As a freelance SEO consultant in Manchester, I can work directly with your company to improve your website’s organic traffic, no matter where you’re based in the UK. I can assess the current state of your website and identify improvements and opportunities for organic growth to bring visitors to your website.

If you run your own digital marketing agency and are looking for a freelance SEO specialist in the UK who is skilled in all areas of Search Engine Optimisation, I can provide discreet white-label SEO to allow you to fulfil and grow the service for your business. I have no minimum term which makes me ideal if you need freelance SEO on an ad-hoc basis, perhaps due to staff shortages or an influx of work you’re unable to handle.

Whatever your SEO requirements may be, SEO Steph is just a click away!

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