Website SEO Audits

Do you know how your website is performing?

Find out with one of my bespoke SEO audits for your website!

I can provide comprehensive website audits for brochure-style websites and e-commerce websites for clients throughout the UK.

Unlike some digital marketing companies, who offer FREE SEO audits, I charge a fee for my SEO website audits. Why? Because I take the time to manually analyse your website to find out exactly what problems may be holding it back. You’ll find that many companies offering free SEO audits do so as a lead generation technique to hard sell their services to you. The report they generate is usually automated using an audit software that produces a report at the click of a button, taking no time at all. The information these types of automated reports provide are often generic and aren’t tailored to provide you with a realistic representation of your website’s current status and goals in mind. My SEO audits, on the other hand, are bespoke to your needs, with honest feedback and insights into the performance of your website accompanied by helpful, jargon-free explanations that you’ll be able to understand and address.

Bespoke SEO Audit

Whenever I conduct a site audit, I inspect various elements to ensure the website is performing the very best it can.

My premium website audits include:

  • On-page SEO audit – I analyse the copy on the pages on your site, the meta titles and meta descriptions, alt text, heading title tags, and investigate any keyword cannibalisation and duplicate content issues. I also provide feedback on the user experience of the website on mobile and desktop.
  • Off-page SEO audit – I inspect the website’s backlink profile and online citations to assess the quality and if there are any spam issues to be concerned about.
  • Technical SEO audit – I analyse the website to identify any crawl and indexing issues, inspect the site architecture, internal linking structure, anchor text, orphan pages, broken links, status codes other than 200 response, canonicals, and any other technical issues that may be plaguing the website.

Site speed is also an important element of any website, especially since a slow loading website can have a detrimental impact on the traffic it receives. An inspection will be made of the load time and core web vitals of your website’s pages to identify what may be causing any slowdown issues, if there are any.

As with any SEO audit, I will provide a performance review on the keywords your website is currently ranking for in the search results and provide an overview of what keywords you should be targeting to rank in Google or Bing organic search engine results.

Using a number of web and SEO tools to aid my investigation, I provide a thorough, customised report of your website which explains the status of your site, what the problems are (if there are any) and how they’re affecting your website. As I do not use SEO audits in order to upsell my services, you can expect a truthful examination of your website.

I offer SEO website audits as a one-off service so there’s no obligation for you to hire me for my SEO services. However, if you would like the problems highlighted in the audit to be addressed, I can be contracted to undertake the SEO work or provide a detailed SEO strategy for your in-house team to implement.

Would you like a full review and audit of your website by professional SEO consultant, SEO Steph?

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