Keyword Research

Whenever I conduct keyword research for a client, I use a variety of different tools to understand the desired terms which will drive organic traffic to a client’s website.

I look at metrics such as traffic volume per month, keyword difficulty, the intent, and the trend of a keyword (for instance, if it has a seasonal peak or maintains constant interest throughout the year). I use these metrics as a guideline, combining them with other reference points, such as data collected through Google Search Console.

If the keyword research is for a PPC campaign rather than SEO, then I will also take cost per click stats into consideration.

From broad search terms to long tail keywords, all varieties of keyword terms are researched, including questions that people may ask, as part of my SEO service.

If a PPC campaign has been conducted on the account already, I can use this data to further shape my target keyword lists.

Whilst undertaking keyword research, I also analyse competitor websites and PPC campaigns to identify other keywords and phrases that can be targeted which are providing success for other businesses.

If you’re looking for comprehensive keyword research for your PPC or SEO campaign, get in touch today!

Keyword Research