eCommerce SEO

Having an eCommerce store has always been beneficial for a business, allowing them to sell to customers across the country, and even on the other side of the globe, thanks to the power of the internet bringing us closer together. Those who hadn’t already embraced online shopping by 2020 quickly found out how much of a necessity it was for their business to survive during lockdown when all bricks-and-mortar shops were forced to close. With many businesses now operating dual shopping experiences, with a physical store and online shop, and, in some cases, operating online-only, making sure their website is found by their target audience is more important than ever.

eCommerce SEO has always been a great love of mine. From technical improvements to content marketing, there’s so many different methods of SEO that can be implemented to help generate organic traffic to an online shop and boost a customer’s experience whilst on the website.

My Experience Optimising eCommerce Websites

During my career, I’ve worked on eCommerce websites for fashion retailers, sports products, home and garden supplies, car parts, gaming/entertainment rental, and beauty products. Each website had its own requirements, whether it was improving the UX of the website and site speed to improve user retention and conversion rate, or building the domain’s authority in its niche through content, on-page SEO and backlinks.

The main goal of any eCommerce website is to gain more traffic, more customers and more sales, and as part of my SEO efforts, I made sure that whatever was needed to be done to grow the website was executed. My data analysis in eCommerce campaigns also produced product recommendations for the client, which they then went on to manufacture and stock to profit from – something they would have missed out on if it hadn’t been for my comprehensive analysis and communication.

This is where my SEO for eCommerce websites differs from some others. I provide actionable data that can help move the needle and bring the much-desired return on investment.

I have experience using many eCommerce platforms, including OpenCart, WooCommerce and Magento, as well as bespoke shopping platforms. Utilising my SEO skillset and years of experience working on a variety of online shops, I can provide an eCommerce SEO strategy that is fine-tuned and tailored to the needs of your webstore.

eCommerce SEO Specialist, SEO Steph