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Free Meta Title & Meta Description Checker Tool

Crafting a meta title and meta description for your webpage is important to let potential site visitors know what your page is about before they click on it. Whilst this is often from the search results page, meta data can also be used in link embeds on websites as well as viewed in the browser if using tabs.

Even though search engines like Google can often rewrite meta titles and descriptions to something more relevant relating to a search a user makes, it’s still important to write a meta title and meta description that will entice a user to click through to your website.

Using the above meta title and meta description checker, you can simulate what your meta info will look like in the live render. Based on the approximation of max characters for meta title and meta description, you can use the free tool to give you an idea on whether your meta information is within the limits.


How long should a meta description be?

Meta descriptions can be as long as you like – there’s actually no limit! However, search engines will truncate the description so it can fit – this is usually based on the width of your device. Desktop searches will show a longer meta description, up to 160 characters, versus mobile devices that can be around the 120 character mark.